Finlay Bio

Finlay is definitely what he claims to be, the man who loves to fight. He’s proven it too time and time again. He is seen by fellow wrestlers as a brawler and one of the toughest opponents to face. The Irishman held 16 major championships before coming to the USA in the mid 90’s. He went to the WCW and wrestled there from 1995 to 2000. He then took some time off away from the ring and finally started working on a comeback in 2004. In early 2006 Finlay made his debut on Smackdown fighting Matt Hardy and got disqualified, fighting real dirty in the match and quickly establishing himself as a bad guy. In May we started seeing a “little bastard” (later known as Hornswoggle), a leprechaun who seemed to live under the ring who would come out and help Finlay cheat and win matches. Finaly has held the WWE Smackdowns United States Championship and came to Smackdown as a heel but lately has been a face along with Hornswoggle. Finlay continued his feud with the great Khali who he beat in December, 2007 at Armageddon. Both he and Khali were participants in the 2008 Royal Rumble but Finlay was disqualified quickly as he went into the ring before his time and smacked both Mark Henry and Big Daddy V with his shillelagh. Lately Finlay has been appearing more over at RAW due to the Hornswoggle-Vince McMahan thing going on over there. Mr. McMahan had been showing Hornswoggle some tough love that seemed a little to tough to Finlay. Over at RAW JBL had informed McMahan that Hornswoggle was not really his son and that Hornswoggle's real father was Finlay. On the March 3, 2008 edition of RAW, Finlay admitted that Hornswoggle was his son and later faced JBL in a Belfast Brawl match at Wrestlemania XXIV. Finlay was not able to beat JBL at Wrestlemania and suffered the defeat. On the April 11th edition of Smackdown Finaly and Hornswoggle made their official return to Smackdown after going through all that drama over there on Raw.

Some Finlay Facts

Birth Name: David Edward Finlay
Birth Date: October 20, 1958
Nickname: The man who loves to fight
Height:6' ft 2 inch
Finishing Move:The celtic cross & using his weapon - the shillelagh

Has a wife and one son